Friday, March 13, 2009

Evidence of His Love

The brilliant reds and greens of fresh cherry tomatoes.

Beauty in an ugly corner.

Translucent beauty.

Fractals - in a vegetable (Romanesco cabbage)!

For more information about the math in this vegetable, try this very educational site from the UK.


sharilyn said...

wow! what lovely photos--and such amazingly created subjects! at first i loved the butterfly best and then i saw the vegetable!!! oh my goodness! that is crazy!! and wonderful! what does it taste like?? thanks for sharing God's delightful creations!

Sherilyn said...

Thanks, Sharilyn. Interesting that our names are so similar. It is a crazy vegetable. It was planted in our winter garden by my neighbor. She kindly shared some with us. Called "Romanesco", it is neither broccoli nor cauliflower. Nor is it a cross between the two. Raw, it is pretty bitter, but lightly cooked (5 minutes in boiling water), it has a gentle, nutty flavor that is wonderful. It does not seem to get mushy like either broccoli or cauliflower can.

He does produce wonders, doesn't He?

David Bowers said...

Love the fractal veggie especially! Happy Easter -- we love you all from way over here.

- Jen, Dave, Leslie & Robbie